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This is a Malta web-site.
I will exhibit photos of the ASM Autocross cars during the events at Ta Qali on this site.
I will do my best to keep you up-dated by the photos published.
Our Race Tracks are situated in the centre of our small island Malta. The area is known as Ta' Qali. During World War 2 the place was a British Airforce Base. To-day, a Maltese Crafts village, two Football Grounds, a large vinery and other recreational areas are found in the place.
Our Competitions are held between October and May annually with some Summer races normally held in the evenings.

The Autocross cars in our country are powered by 4 cylinder engines up to 1400cc. These are all carburetter versions and limited to 2 valves per cylinder.
The mechanicals are based on standard specifications such as original crankshafts and connecting rods must be used.
The gearboxes and final drives are standard production units on each particular model in the competition. Yet, these engines reach the 8000+ RPM band and can reach up to 90KPH on the Start/Finish straight.
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Last Update:- 4 Feb. 2007.
re Event No.7,  28 Jan. 2007.

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Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos.

ASM Ta' Qali, Malta.